About Us

Run Your Business, Not Your MSP

The next generation MSP Platform

Our Mission

Zest was created as the antithesis of big, complex MSP management systems. We pared away unnecessary customizations, time consuming configuration, and costly additional hires, leaving you only with what you need: an amazing PSA. Our success comes from a sleek management system designed by MSP technicians themselves. Your PSA doesn't have to be a "necessary evil", and we are here to make sure it isn't.

Only What Matters

Zest cuts through the complexity, offering time tracking capabilities that boost productivity, and a prioritized ticketing system. Capabilities that won't let you fail, and a unique dashbar that assesses company health. Zest transforms the way you run your MSP and your employees.

Leadership Team

Bobby Lind

An experienced businessman, Bobby has found success in everything from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies. Now, having worked in IT services in multiple roles, including chief executive, Bobby has formed a unique perspective on best Managed Service Provider practices. He had a vision for a tool that synthesizes elements of his MBA-backed business knowledge with innovative tech research. Together, he and Chadd formulated a fresh way to run MSPs. Thus, Zest was born.

Chadd Mazac

In his 18-year career in managed IT services, Chadd has served in every MSP role from technician to engineer, service manager to owner.  After working for several successful MSPs, Chadd teamed up with Bobby to found a new MSP with a unique service model.  They grew this business from startup to market leader in under 5 years. Zest incorporates the best business practices and processes that Chadd has learned to give MSPs the competitive advantage they need to succeed.

Take the complexity out of MSP Management today!