Zest is built by an MSP

We understand the complete frustration of trying to use outdated, bloated software that slows down your daily process. Built out of frustration, Zest is made specifically for you.

PSA software for MSP management

In 2016, Bobby and Andrea got laid off from the company we both worked for. They went from two incomes to zero overnight! Rather than find new jobs, we decided to work for ourselves and build an IT company.

Bobby reached out to the best IT guy he knew, Chadd. Somehow we convinced him to join us on this crazy venture starting with zero customers and zero income.

Bobby, Andrea, and Chadd start Limetree Labs
Andrea creates the Limetree Labs brand and website
Bobby puts together a business plan
We rent our first (one room) office at a shared working space
In April, we sign our first customer
Chadd’s first ticket manager is through email and phone!
Bobby and Andrea pick up day jobs to keep Limetree going
MSP PSA Software
Bobby, the co-founder of the best PSA software for MSP management

What Bobby likes to call “Singing for your supper.”

We dressed up and sang carols to all of our customers!

Best PSA for Small MSP
PSA tool for small MSPs

Our first
procurement order.

Tried Freshservice to manage tickets
Bobby quits his day job in June to go fulltime Limetree
End the year with 8 customers
Small business MSP software
Moved to a larger office to get ready to grow
Limetree Labs expands to Utah
End the year with 167 end points
PSA Software for MSP
Switch to AutoTask; Freshservice just isn’t working for an MSP
Continue to serve our customers through a pandemic
End the year with 510 end points
MSP Management Platform
Frustrated with the options, we start designing a PSA that actually works for MSPs
Limetree expands to California
End the year with 651 end points
Best MSP management platform built by MSP experts
Limetree Labs expands to Washington and Colorado
We add an additional office to house our growing team
Launch Zest and start using it exclusively at Limetree Labs

Take the complexity out of your MSP Business