How the Zest Dashbar Keeps Your MSP On Track

Actively monitoring account health is crucial to keep your MSP on track. With Zest's proprietary dashbar, your entire organization will receive real-time updates on where you business stands, enabling your technicians to easily manage tasks and address pain points. Ensure your PSA is working for you. Schedule a free demo of Zest today.

How the Zest Dashbar Keeps Your MSP On Track

As a managed service provider, the success of your business is directly proportional to the satisfaction of your customers. Responding to tickets with quality responses, meeting SLAs, and interacting with clients at the right moments not only helps you meet contractual obligations, but it keeps your customers engaged and interested in retaining you over the long term. While PSAs can help you manage these efforts, not all software is created equal.

Enter Zest – an optimized solution that takes the pain out of running your MSP. Built by an MSP for MSPs, Zest was designed to give you and your technicians the tools they need to run a healthy, successful business. It all starts with the proprietary Zest dashbar.

Whether you’re parsing through timesheets, running reports, or responding to open tickets, the Zest dashbar is always in view at the top of the portal.

This ensures that all team members in your organization, from the CEO to entry-level engineers, can easily see the real-time health of the business and address any urgent concerns in the moment.

The dashbar is organized with indicator icons that change colors (green, orange, or red) depending on the current status. This can help your team prioritize tasks. Orange icons alert technicians that something should be addressed soon. If an indicator turns red, that should be addressed immediately. 

Example indicators include:

  • New Tickets: alerts the status of new tickets created by clients
  • Tickets Near SLA Failure: alerts when tickers are overdue and may breach SLAs if not addressed imminently
  • Average Urgency Score Indictor: unique to Zest, this indicator shows the general average of ticket urgency. With a quick glance you can tell if your customers are having a lot of high priority issues. The indicator alerts you if tickets are being closed in a timely manner as the urgency will creep up the longer a ticket is open.
  • Customers Needing Interaction: lets you know when and which customers to interact with in order to retain client satisfaction

Many existing Zest customers have mentioned that the color-coding system of the indicators drives internal gamification among technicians. Seeing orange or red indicators means something needs to be addressed, so many teams strive to “end the day green” – meaning all indicators are positive and nothing urgent is left in the queue. Keeping engineers responsive and satisfied is crucial for any MSP, and Zest’s built-in tools naturally drive engagement among this workgroup.

If Zest sounds like it can work for you, let’s get in touch! Feel free to schedule a demo or sign up for a free trial today to see just how the Zest dashbar can help your MSP actively monitor account health and earn you more business.

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